Super Sleuth Etsy Stalkers At Your Service

This is so me.

There have been a couple of robberies in nearby neighborhoods recently so of course when I saw a dude ‘pretending’ to work on a neighbor’s home I immediately became suspicious. I immediately began taking pictures of his car/license plate (because burglars always drive their own cars, duhh). I mean really, could I be any more super sleuth?

Turns out he was an actual electrician and wasn’t ‘pretending’ at all. Now all I have to show for my random act of braveness are pictures of an honest electrician’s car. Lame.

This event got me thinking about license plate art. Which got me searching on etsy. Which lead me to Design Turn Pike. Wouldn’t these be an awesome gift (for me)? They would.

Aren’t you glad you don’t live inside of my head? You should be because it’s a scary place to be.

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