Sunday is Funday when you don’t have to work on Monday.

A poet I am not, but I am super psyched that I have the day off tomorrow. Brag. AND to make it even better, both my kids will be in school. Super brag.

What to do, what to do with free time – a concept that is foreign to me. In my fantasy world I’ll do lots of crafting projects, clean out my closet and do laundry. In reality, I’ll lie in bed, get a manicure, wonder where the day went and then complain that I never have time to get anything done.

Who needs to do crafty projects when you can just buy from shops like Fairy Folk. I mean where else can you find Boutonnieres that last longer than many marriages. Yeah, I went there.

And check it out — ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Aren’t these adorbz for some fall décor? They are, trust me.

By the way, yesterday my son kept telling me he didn’t want to go to CHURCH for Yom Kippur. Note to self: take kids to TEMPLE a little bit more often. Jewish-mom-of-the-year award goes out to me.

2 thoughts on “Sunday is Funday when you don’t have to work on Monday.”

  • I blew the Jewish Mother of the Year whilst eating cereal, and my son says, “Isn’t today Yom Kippur?” oops. I will try harder next year!

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