During the summer I sometimes (always) put on my seat warmers and then blast my car air conditioning.

What? It feels good on my back. I feel like it’s and economical way to comfort my delicate back since I practically live in my car. My husband thinks I’m clinically insane for doing this…which is probably true but whatevs.

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Car Organizer With Cooler | Three Little Chickadee

You know what else I need to keep me nice and cool in my hot, hot seat? Delicous drinks that are kept cold in one of these awesome car organizer and cooler set from Three Little Chickadee.





I mean really, what will they think of next? Coolers with wheels? Oh.

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Trunk Organizer and Cooler Set | Picnic at Ascot

P.S. I’ve had a broken toe for three weeks and have done nothing to fix it except wear flip flops because real shoes are too painful. Is this a bad idea? Remember that I’m clinically insane…

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