Standing in line at Starbucks with a list of drinks and paying for each one separately? No, no, no.

This seriously happened to me this morning. What’s wrong with people?

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Handwritten Ceramic Coffee Mug | $14.00

I could not stop rolling my eyes at the woman doing the ordering. If I rolled them any harder, they would’ve popped out of my head. Oh and get this. After she handed the Starbucks dude the piece of paper, she verbally added on some more drink orders. Rude.

Anyhoo, I love coffee, especially on rainy mornings like the one we’re having today. It makes me want to curl up with a tank of coffee and a good book. So in honor of the annoying woman ahead of me at Starbucks, I bring to you some amazing coffee items:

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Awesome print | $16.50

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