My son and Justin Bieber had parties at the same arcade. Discuss.

So Bieber moved a few miles from my house. This is not a joke. And because I live in an Atlanta suburb, his arrival is kind of a big deal. And not just with teenage girls. Trust me when I tell you that I know many suburban wives doing drive bys (ahem).

The big Bieber news of this week is that he rented out an arcade just for himself and a few friends. While inside the arcade some punk* stole a $10,000 camera from the paparazzi and police, news crews, teenagers, housewives, etc. all swooped in to help. And as it turns out this is the same arcade we held my son’s birthday party a year ago. So basically The Biebs and I now run in the same circle. And by circle I mean zip code.

I honestly have no idea where one would go to buy a $10,000 camera (I’m nervous to own one that tips the $100 mark), but if I were to have one, I would most definitely add some flair with an awesome camera strap from Couch Guitar Straps.  These straps are sturdy, colorful and are sure to get the attention of any 20-year-old-arcade-renter-outer-star.

*Did my use of the word punk just age me by 20 years?

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