Something I never thought I’d say, “Be nice to your sister or she won’t want to marry you.”

My son wants to marry my daughter. I mean really, how freaking cute is that? Of course if he still feels the same way in 10 years, we’re going to have a serious sit down and then move to Alabama. Just sayin’.

In other unrelated news, travel season is among us (and by us, I’m referring to you, because I’m not going anywhere anytime soon). And for those of you that are lucky enough to head overseas, you’re going to need a passport cover. Why? Because your passport ate too much this winter and wants to cover up. I kid, I kid.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon jack and bee to keep your fatty passport from showing too much plastic.

And hey, since you’re so busy showing off and going places, you’ll probably need a fancy new luggage tag too. Do you hear the bitterness in my voice? No? How about now?

OK, I’m off to plan my son’s wedding to my daughter. AWKWARD.

3 thoughts on “Something I never thought I’d say, “Be nice to your sister or she won’t want to marry you.””

  • I’ve lived in Alabama my entire life (and girl, I am OLD)
    and I’ve never known a single person that married their sibling. Don’t lump people from the South into that category, please. Otherwise, I think you are the most entertaining blogger on the web.

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