So you have a tween or you know one. AWKWARD.

[Hi everyone, I was asked to write an article geared towards tweens over at Fashion Playtes. Enjoy…]
Seriously, everything about those years is uncomfortable to discuss. But you know what’s even harder than knowing a tween? Figuring out what to buy ‘it’ for a gift. Don’t worry, I’m here to help with some awesome Etsy items.
Nothing is more awkward than tween hair. Trust me, I lived through the Aquanet and Benders era. Please tell me you remember Benders. They were the single most important hair tool of the 80’s. I’m assuming these no longer are in production, so I highly suggest buying these adorable ceramic hairpins from Damson Tree Pottery to distract those bad hair days.
Then go ahead and buy yourself some too¾trust me, you need some.
Tweens have places to be. And they need to dress the part. That’s why you must buy one of these awesome neckties from Dana Eckert Events to help dapper up their dress code. Best of all? The fabric is from Amy Butler (which will mean nothing to him, but she’s my absolute fabric designer and that’s really all that’s important).
Every tween needs a diary that his/her mom can easily read, right? How else are you going to know whom your tween is crushing on?  That’s why you need to gift a journal from Tarjick. Check it out, they look good, are easy to open and come in bright colors (making them easy to spot under mattresses).
When I think of my youth four score and seven years ago, the most favorite memories that come to mind are going to overnight summer camp. In fact, I often try to think of ways to become the world’s oldest counselor. So far, no one has hired me. Rude.
If you have or know of a tween that is lucky enough to be living the dream this summer, you (a) must buy him one of these awesome duffle bags from Silver Thread Embroidery and (b) make sure there’s enough room in it for me to sneak into camp. 
Inspire your tween to be confident and an individual with artwork from JM Design. During those formative years, kids need to remember how awesome they are inside and out. And please don’t be worried when your tween paints over this in black to match his/her bedroom. Just cross you fingers and hope that it’s another phase.

There you have it, five ideas from Etsy that will make gift giving to a tween a little less awkward.
And trust me, the less awkward the better. Good luck and happy shopping!

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