So sore. I’m reporting that work out contraption to the work out police.

I went to the gym yesterday. Brag. I can’t walk today. Opposite of brag.

All of the elliptical machines were taken yet again, so my friend and I jumped on what we thought was the equivalent. Ummmm, no. I don’t know what exactly the contraption was, but let’s just say it hurt. And today I hurt.

What do I give my kids when they have boo-boos? After making sure they’re not totally lying just to get sympathy votes, I give them lollipops of course! And since I’m still 16 at heart (or 12 if I’m being honest) I’m going to treat myself to some yuminess from This Charming Candy.

She makes awesome flavors like Pistachio Marshmallow, Black Pepper Mellon and Blueberry Muffin. It’s like a party in my mouth.

Is it rude to hide these from the kids? What? It’s not like they worked out at the gym. I can’t go rewarding them just for being cute.

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