So my son needs to bring a shoebox to school tomorrow. I have no shoeboxes. This means I need to go and buy new shoes today, correct?

I’m doing it for the kids—truth be told, my son’s future depends on my new shoes. Heh. And since I’m motherofthefreakingyear (self-nominated five years in a row) I’m going to buy some for the kids too. 

Fortunately Me and Reekie makes these adorably cozy slippers (that I’m hoping arrive in shoe boxes) for both adults and kids.


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And just like that we all have cozy feet, a shoebox and a new place to shop. Time to put my cape on because I’m off to save the world with some more intense shoe shopping. Thankyouverymuch.
Still looking for slippers (I mean shoe boxes)? Check these out:, ACORN Animal Bootie Slipper, etsy
ACORN Animal Bootie Slipper, Keen Howser Slipper, etsy
Keen Howser Slipper, Stompeez Puppy Slippers, etsy
Stompeez Puppy Slippers

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