So I have a hot pink cast on my left leg.

Subtle color choice, right? I was going to get a white cast but I got swayed by the pink (sparkly things!)  

Hot pink cast etsy stalkers
Cruising around Target in my hot pink cast
What happened, you ask?
[The not-so-real-story] Two villains trying to capture aliens + one super strong karate kick = two torn ligaments
[The real story] Carpool line + heavy rains + Wedges + dramatic fall to the ground = two torn ligaments
The advantages I’ve found to wearing a cast so far (in no particular order):
·      Prime parking
·      A reason to drive one of those motorized vehicles around Target (and yes they beep loudly like a garbage truck when in reverse)
·      A permission slip to skip the gym
·      An excuse not to carry Taylor around all. of. the. time.
·      The ability to actually walk like a zombie
If you’re looking to bling out your foot, try out these: ORIGINAL SLIMLINE POST-OP MEDICAL SURGICAL SHOE CAST BOOT Etsy Blog | SHOE CAST BOOT SHRINKins The Healing Art Removable Cast Covers Etsy Blog | SHRINKins The Healing Art Removable Cast Covers

3 thoughts on “So I have a hot pink cast on my left leg.”

  • Haha!!! I had bunion surgery 6 weeks ago and have had a surgical boot on my *right* foot. Driving has been impossible… sigh. But those carts are more fun than I expected. I just tell folks my coworkers answered back one too many times and I had to get ’em in line! LOLOL

  • @spacegeek – The carts are amazing, right?! I just wish it didn’t sound like a garbage truck every time I put it in revers.

    @katiebug – yes, need some cast covers!

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