So. Fat. Must. Stop. Eating. Send. Help.

OK, now that we’re all well fed, I thought we could use a little pick-me-up in the form of jewelry. My reasoning is two-fold (sort of like my belly):
(1) Even when I gain weight, my jewelry always fits
(2) Wearing awesomeness around my neck, distracts from the disaster around my waist

Thank goodness for Bloomys Baubles. Her necklaces and earrings will totally distract people away from well, everything else.

If my ears weren’t totally allergic to every sort of earring, I would totally buy these and repierce my ears (like I did on my wedding day – true story).

But wait, there’s more. In the spirit of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Fat Tuesday (I’m good, I know), you can enter coupon code FRIENDSWITHKIM and get 20% off all jewelry!

By the way, both my kids are awake from their naps, but I’m pretending like I don’t hear them. Is that Defax I hear knocking on my door?

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