I out-smarted myself with organization. I blame The Container Store.

So remember how I went to The Container Store last weekend and got myself all organized? Fast forward to this morning when I can’t find a ring and I start blaming my kids for hiding it. Fast forward another 30 minutes later when I found my ring in a newly organized container.

So yeah, I outsmarted myself. It’s a wonder I’m not in Mensa.  Of course now I’m convinced that I should unorganize myself—so I know exactly where everything is.

If you’re actually interested in kicking the year off right, I suggest you check out these from dgordon (and don’t forget to leave post-it notes so you remember where everything is):


etsy blog, peacock feather ceramic ring holder bowl
Peacock feather ceramic ring holder from dgordon
etsy blog, lotus ring holder bowls, shower favors, seconds
Lotus ring holder from dgordon
etsy blog, ceramic sushi set water lily with flower bowl, etsy.com
Ceramic sushi set with flower bowl from dgordon

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