Since We’re on The Subject of Halloween…

I just stumbled upon more awesomely spooky Halloween home décor from Lenny Mud. They’re not cheesy, they’re not plastic and they’re not expensive. Wish I could say the same about my son’s Toy Story collection.

This guy sort of looks familiar. Where do I know you from? Did we date?

Lenny Mud also makes non-halloween thing-a-ma-bobs. Personally, I can’t focus on anything else, but my priorities may be a tad out of whack.

This stuff is breakable so keep it on a high shelf – or do I need to remind you of the broken clay pumpkin incident from last year?

1 thought on “Since We’re on The Subject of Halloween…”

  • Although it seems a bit odd to type this: Thank You So Much for STALKING me!!! LOL. Love your blog–great concept and I will be back for sure. Many thanks!!

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