Since everyone loves a Top 10 list, I’ve searched far and wide to bring you Etsy Stalker’s Top 10 Valentine’s gifts.

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(1) Write your honey (or your imaginary sweetie) an inappropriate love message on this rustic desk chalkboard from Mader Nueve. The best part? You can easily erase any message and write mean things when you’re in a fight. Not that I would ever stoop to that level.

Desk Chalkboard, Wood Chalkboard for table, Rustic Decoration, Kitchen Chalkboard pad


(2) If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad,  show it some love with a Pod Pillow from Dog Named Banjo. Just because your iPad is made of metal, glass and wires doesn’t mean it has no feelings.

And if you’re not lucky enough to own an iPad (total first-world problem), you can get yourself one right here.

(3) Send a love letter and imprint it with this adorable heart initial stamp from Happy Rainy Day. Just so you know, this will require you taking out a pen and paper.  And buying a stamp. You do remember where the post office is, don’t you?

(4) Kids need love too (so I hear), so why not spoil them with an adorable play tent from B.E. Little You and Me? I actually want one for myself but the hubby said that would be awkward. I just want a quiet place to go and play with my American Girl Doll. I mean, what?

Teepee Play Tent , teepee, pretend play, etsy blog,
Teepee Play Tent










(5) Spoil the man-child in your life with this paper model kit from Paper Landmarks. You seriously have to go look at everything in this shop because it makes my heart pitter patter. Yes, I am a dork. You heard it here first.

And just in case you have some sort of weird obsession with making bridges, be sure to check this 3d Puzzle Paper Model Of The Brooklyn Bridge.

(6) Give your loved one the world with these amazing globes from Imagine Nations.  This shop actually goes down as one of my top Etsy shop of all time. True story.

(7) Show your deer (pun intended) some love with a piece of art from Louise Art Studio. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone who sees this will want one. Oh deer, now I want one too. I crack myself up.

(8) Savor the day that inappropriate candy intake is looked upon with much approval with these gorgeous lollipops from The Groovy Baker. This particular flavor is  “luscious, rich, not-too-sweet butter cream infused with a light blackberry flavor.” Ummmm, you had me at luscious.




(9) If you have a date with your Prince Charming for Valentine’s Day than you’re going to need step it up with your FitBit. And maybe you should get him one too and then challenge him to a step off. Hey, weirder dates have happened.

(10) No top ten list would be complete without some fancy jewels from Kim Bloomberg Designs.  These are so pretty. And they’ll make your ears feel pretty too. Yep, it’s a little known fact that ears don’t like to feel ugly.



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