Shut the front door

That phrase was used a lot this weekend during my girls’ getaway. I mean seriously, why is it that you learn so much while away with your friends? Well you do, and I did.
Wanna learn some stuff too? Of course you do:
(1) Apparently ruched bathing suits are like totally in this season. I missed the boat on that one. In fact, I didn’t even know how to spell ruched.
(2) Fake boobs are also in this season. Missed the boat on that one too.
(3) When you ask to get a room far away from kids, the receptionist will place you next door to the Kids’ Club.
(4) When having to choose between a helping a friend who fell and last call on free s’mores, the s’mores will win every time.

In conclusion, it was a great weekend away from it all. But now I’m back to reality and the internet (which apparently is really catching on). I’m glad it is because it lead me to these gorgeous plates from JoyElizabeth Ceramics.

Plates that aren’t disposable. What a new-fangled concept.

By the way, if you haven’t entered THE GIVEAWAY, you have until Friday. In order to qualify YOU MUST visit Embroidery Collection, select a favorite and ADD it as a favorite on etsy. Sorry if I wasn’t clear before but you must do this step. Now get to work.

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