Short and sweet (I’m referring to both today’s post and myself)

Me tired so I’m going to keep today’s stalking to a minimum. No awkward drive-bys or heavy breathing in the phone. I’m. Just. Too. Tired.

Why am I so tired? Because I spent all day planting my vegetable garden (yep, I’m totally bragging.) Of course, five minutes into the project I realized that my kids schlepping huge and dangerous shovels around the yard was probably not the safest of ideas. Fortunately no one got (seriously) hurt so it was a total win in my book.

By the way, my son has asked me about 50 times if the tomatoes are ready to eat yet and we literally finished planting them 3 hours ago. This is going to be a long couple of months. Maybe I’ll go buy some tomatoes and leave them in the garden tomorrow morning. Just call me The Tomato Fairy.

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