Seven Minutes in Heaven with Fifi du Vie

Do you remember when I started my interview ‘series’ called Seven Minutes in Heaven back in November? I really don’t either. I’m sort of a failure in that department. But I’m going to make it up to you with a very exclusive interview with Fifi du Vie – the awesome etsy shop I featured way back yesterday.

Do you like that song, She’s Crafty by the Beastie Boys?
Yes. (You just reminded me of it and I’m listening to it right now.) I super heart the Beastie Boys.

I’m glad I reminded you of all of it’s awesomeness. I’m good like that.

What was the last thing you made?
I burned a silk screen for a new print this afternoon. It’s a secret, otherwise, I would tell you all about it. I also “made” a sale in my shop, so check it out.

Sounds creepy.

What is the last thing you bought on etsy?
This Black Leather Mini Clutch by Marketa. It’s awesome and I love love love it! I use it as a wallet that I can pull out of my purse as a clutch – genius.

Well, well, well, aren’t you the cleverist person ever. Seriously, you are.

What would it take to get you to complete all my craft projects, quietly, and let me the credit for them? Like a ghost writer but different?
I’ll trade you my cranky customers and packaging orders to ghost write your craft projects. I’m assuming you have a lot of craft projects …

Yes, I have lots of incomplete craft projects. Thanks for pointing that out.

Do you have another job?
Nope. This is all I do. All the time. In addition to Etsy, I have my own website, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, sell wholesale to stores, and I do craft fairs on some weekends.

You’re living the dream. Living the freaking dream.

Favorite article of clothing? Can I have it?
Tough question … my current favorite article of clothing is a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans that are pretty much destroyed and in shreds, but ridiculously comfy. Lifetime favorite piece of clothing is a men’s green and white plaid shirt that I’ve had forever. When I’m not working, I wear nice clothes, but that doesn’t happen to often anymore.

It sort of sounds like your clothes are ugly. That’s too bad.

How long did it take you to make your first sale? Did you feel like a loser at first?
I first started selling jewelry on Etsy a bunch of years ago under a different shop name and I made my first sale in that shop within 30 seconds (literally – it was really nuts). Fifi du Vie took 2-3 weeks, if I remember correctly. It really didn’t pick up at all for the first 6 months until a big blogger purchased one of my prints and blogged about me. I felt more like a loser because I just couldn’t seem to take good photos …

I pretty much feel like a loser daily – so we have that in commmon.

For extra credit: If you could go back in time (and you can’t), what would you do differently with your shop?
I would have had a better plan before I launched my shop. I tend to do a lot of trial and error with sales, photos, designs, etc. It’s fun, but it takes up way too much time. I also wish I had taken a class in logo design or hired a logo designer way back in the day. Logo design makes my head hurt.

I have a time machine but you can’t use it. Sorry.

Thanks for the very exclusive interview – you rock! Be sure to check out Fifi du Vie:
Etsy Store

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