Seven minutes in heaven (an interview with Bubblegum Belles) AND A GIVEAWAY!

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to Pam, creator of awesome crocheted toys and owner of Bubblegum Belles on etsy! I’m asking her the same seven questions I ask all etsy sellers. Not only is she sharing with you her inspiration – she’s also hosting a giveaway. Doesn’t that make your Monday suck a little bit less?

(1) Do you like that song, She’s Crafty by the Beastie Boys?
I can’t say that I do and I can’t say that I don’t. I’ve never heard the song although the title is pretty cool! I saw Adam Horovitz in a movie called Lost Angels in the late ’80s….. I don’t remember the movie but I remember telling myself I’d never listen to them. I’m probably the only one of my generation that didn’t!

Yep, you’re the only one.

(2) What was the last thing you made?

The last thing I made was a little crocheted cactus with a bow on it’s head. It comes in a real terra cotta pot too.

Ummmm, cuuuuute.

(3) What is the last thing you bought on etsy?
The last things I bought on Etsy were felt cut outs of hearts and snowflakes. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to use them for. I’m slightly addicted to Etsy…. By the time this interview is posted, I’m sure the answer to this question will have changed.

Ahhhh yes, felt hearts and snowflakes. Good luck finding something to do with those.

(4) What would it take to get you to complete all my craft projects,
quietly, and let me the credit for them? Like a ghost writer but different?

It wouldn’t take much at all – as long as it involved crocheted projects only. I’ve tried many different kinds of crafts but crocheting is the only one I feel comfortable with and have enjoyed doing on a prolonged basis. I take that back…. if you cooked for me…every meal, including snacks, I would be happy if you took credit. Fair trade?

Ummm no, this is all about me.

(5) Do you have another job?
I do have a day job. I’m a graphic artist at CTV in Calgary. I’m very lucky that my job also allows me to be creative on a daily basis.

Calgary? That sucks. It’s 80 degrees in Atlanta today. Brag.

(6) Favorite article of clothing? Can I have it?
My favorite article of clothing is my green military style cap. I’m afraid I wouldn’t give it up to anyone…. not even my mother. Maybe my grandmother. It would look cute on her.

Why do you hate your mother and grandmother so much?

(7) How long did it take you to make your first sale? Did you feel like a loser at first?
It took me 10 days to make my first sale. I felt pretty fortunate…. I still do. I crochet as a creative outlet and a stress reliever. All the money I make from sales in my shop go right back in to Etsy and buying more yarn for myself. I love buying handmade and enjoy supporting other crafters.

Damn you’re good.

For extra credit: If you could go back in time (and you can’t), what would you do different?
I would love to have little stories to go with each of my pieces…. or at least have something clever to say about them in their descriptions. I hate writing so I’ve only just kind of thrown something together for them… just the basics really. I wish I had some creative writing ability.

That’s a totally cute idea. Oh well ☺

And now for the GIVEAWAY. Bubblegum Belles is offering any crocheted item in her shop that is under $20.

Here’s how to enter:
(1)Visit Bubblegum Belles on Etsy and Favorite the shop. Then march yourself right back here and comment on your favorite item in her shop
(2) Follow Bubblegum Belles on twitter!
(3) Like Etsy Stalkers on Facebook if you don’t already.
(4) Join Etsy Stalkers blog (you know, over on the right hand side. yeah, right there.


Contest ends Monday, March 26, 2012 at 9AM!! Who’s the big winner? Hey, maybe it’s you.

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