Seriously people. Step. Away. From. My. Map. Art.

And thus begins my weird obsession with map art. I know I just wrote about something map-related yesterday, but I just stumbled upon more map awesomeness. And frankly, since this blog is all about me (what, you thought it was about etsy?), I don’t really care what you think. Just kidding. Love me. Validate me.

Anyhoo, I really want (hint, hint hubby) some of this awesome map art made from Little White Dog. What a totally unique idea for your mantel place.

And if your books are all loosey-goosey around your home, Little White Dog even makes bookends. Tip: if you don’t use the phrase loosey-goosey on a daily basis, I highly suggest you incorporate it into your repertoire.

As a side note, do you think it’s wrong to drink a glass of wine while watching the show Intervention? Ooops…was that outloud?

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