Send. Help. Out. Of. Coffee.

There’s nothing like a 6am wakeup call, realizing you’re out of coffee and not being able to convince your 4-year-old to go to Starbucks. I even promised to get him some really healthy cake pops for breakfast, but it was a no-go. RUDE.

To make matters worse, I’m now in the mood for coffee AND cake pops, none of which I actually have. Fortunately, I found Entirely Sweet. She makes these awesome cake pops that arrive in the mail. Like, no convincing necessary.

Would it be strange if I throw myself a surprise party just so I can order some of these? I’ll just invite myself. And some cake pops. Sharing isn’t really my thing.

OK, I’m off to convince my kids to head to Costco so we can make a lunch out of free samples. Crossing my fingers for the lobster spread.

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