Sedona does not suck.

© Pam Van Londen
No sir-ee it does not. I’m writing this on a plane home after an amazing getaway with the hubbie. We were both completely blown away by the scenery and overall aura (I know I sound totally hippie dippie when I say that) of Sedona. 
It was just what the doctor ordered (unfortunately health insurance doesn’t cover R & R. )
We didn’t get any shopping done because we were too distracted with nature. You know naturethat thing outside your window? Yeah.
So now I’m shopping on Etsy to find a special treasure to remember the trip, which is how I stumbled upon this artwork from Pam Van London.
These do an amazing job of capturing the ever-changing scenery. Now I really sound like a hippie.
© Pam Van Londen

By the way, someone on the plane is eating something that smells delicious while my stomach is eating itself from hunger. Rude.

© Pam Van Londen

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