Rule #1 of Crossfit: Never miss a Crossfit.

I couldnt go for five days (sicky Taylor, out of town, blah, blah, excuses, blah) and boy did I pay for it this morning. You dont want to mess with missing Crossfit. Its not pretty.
But I survived (barely) and Im now onto celebrating Talk like a PirateDay. Walk the plank.
If you arrgggghhh also celebrating today or just want to buy your kids some really cute shirts, go check out Once Upon a Story. I freaking love these.
By the way, I got ready at Crossfit before work this morning and realized I forgot an important piece of my outfit—the tank that goes under my see-through shirt. Since I didnt have time to go back home, Im embracing it and the playing sexy copywriter role today.
In unrelated news, Im trying not to walk around my office today.

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