People Judge You By The Gifts You Give. It’s True.

If you’re like me (or just really, really want to be like me), attending a child’s birthday party is a weekly affair. And if you’re like me (or are just really, really jealous of me), you want to give birthday presents that may actually get used for more than 72 hours.

Let’s just take a little looksie at Monkey See Boutique. She offers great personalized gifts for pretty much any age.
What girl wouldn’t want this chalkboard?

Or trashcan? (ok – some kids may not like the trash can.)

And for the girl that has everything (besides straight hair), Monkey See Boutique offers this personalized flat iron case.

By the way, I can’t help but notice the overwhelming response to my knitting vs. crocheting question. I’m being sarcastic people. It’s like no one listens to me – if I wanted that kind of reaction, I would of just asked my husband.

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