I peed in my pants. Not really. Well, sort of.

My son played baseball this spring and it was serious. Between practices and games, we were at the fields about three times a week. At first I was annoyed about the schedule, 6:15 weeknight games, eating dinner on the go, chasing my daughter around, etc. But then it happened, I became (drum roll please) a baseball mom.

The excitement can really get to you. One minute you’re at work acting all responsible and business-like,  the next minute you’re sitting in the stands yelling, cheering, sweating and high-fiving with moms that were strangers only a few weeks prior. The best part? My son’s team was good. Like really good. And we made it to the championship game. And oh what a game it was.

There was laughing, cheering, crying, and well possibly some peeing (I can only imagine what the kids were doing in the dugout.) In the end, we lost the championship game, but it was such a great experience that taught my son (and me) that fun can come when you’re least expecting it. Now that baseball season is over and the last day of school is in sight, it’s finally time to concentrate on how totally unprepared I am for SUMMER. In my newly found free time, I stumbled upon all of these awesome items. Enjoy…

Fun Monogrammed Totes, Lightweight Tote , Beach Bag, Pool Bag, etsy,
Monogrammed Tote | $20
Amazon.com, etsystalkers.com, Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade
Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade | $41.79

Beach towel, Mural Max Etsy, etsystalkers.com, summer 2014
Personalized Beach Towel | $48
Amazon.com, etsystalkers.com, Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket, etsy
Life Jacket | $14.99

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