“Papa told me that he took his parent’s car to go buy milk one morning when he was a little kid.” – Darren

He ended the story with, “Can I drive to Starbucks if you’re not awake in the morning? Don’t worry because I won’t eat there—I’ll just bring it home in a paper bag.”

I’m not sure if he’s a really good storyteller or I’m just super gullible because I totally believed this happened. My dad (Papa) confirmed it was in fact false because the milkman would deliver bottles every morning. Ahhh the olden days of yesteryear.
If you’re into bringing back the olden days, check out the adorable glass milk bottle jars from Ella Jane Crafts . These are the perfect party favors for old people and little people (especially because old people tend to turn into little people). As you can see, Ella Jane Crafts also makes all sorts of cool party stuff. And man I’m a sucker for a ‘stache.

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