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I possibly just went for a foot massage at a place that offers happy endings.

OK, so it turned out to be a normal place, but it was new and dark and cheap. So of course I walked right in. Hey, I like to give the little guys a chance. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on what you want in a […]

What up giveaway. What’s freaking up?

Bad news—today is Monday.Good news—I have an awesome giveaway to announce. Remember last week when I featured Astrid Lily? Of course you do. Well she has graciously offered to giveaway this gorgeous Beautiful Collision Pink Rutilated Quartz Bangle to one of you very lucky stalkers. […]

Have you been to the mall lately? Apparently I have not.

So I was close to the mall today and ran in for five(ish) minutes. Wow. I’m really unfashionable. REALLY. And to make matters worse, I got a soda, the topped popped off and it spilled all over the floor by one of the super fancy […]

Yay for global warming. Kidding. Sort of.

It’s March 1 and Atlanta will have a high of 78 degrees today. Can I get a what whattt?! Me likey. All of this sunshine and global warming is inspiring me to plant flowers in these gorgeous boxes from Bridgewood Place. Actually, I’ll most likely […]

My daughter found her artwork in the trash last night. Ooopsie.

In my defense, it’s not like I throw away all of her art. I save the ‘good’ stuff. And by save I mean I put it in a box. In my closet. What? Like you save all of yours. In order to get back my […]