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I bet you’re expecting me to write a post about Day Lights Savings?

You’re right. I’m predictable. Sort of. While everyone on Facebook is saying things like I want my hour back and Whoever came up with day lights savings time didn’t have a baby, I’m loving it. Why? Because even though I was a tad late to […]

And the winner is…

#7 caityflahetry Congrats on your beautiful new bracelet! Email me your information! And let’s all give a round of applause to Astrid Lily Designs for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!I can’t stop using exclamation points today!!!!!!

I love highlighters. There I said it.

I seriously love to highlight things. It makes documents seem so official. I’m also into staplers and office organizers. You know, for all of those highlighted papers. Fortunately I found these awesome organizers from In Order to fulfill all of my office dorkiness needs. And […]

Happy Purim to my Jewish Peeps.

What is Purim you ask? Google it. I know, I’m a wealth of information. In summary, you dress up in costumes, eat a lot and drink excessively (which makes it my kind of holiday). With dressing up on my mind, I stumbled upon these adorable […]

I think my outfit may be ugly today.

You know when you think you’re outfit is somewhat OK when you leave in the morning and then you look down an hour later and realize not so much? Yeah, that’s me today. And I thought I was being so cutting edge mixing and matching […]