Oy Vey (which is yiddush for Oh Sh*t)

So the hubby did two full loads of laundry last night – pretty much the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. Wow – I’m so lame. I sort of can’t believe I just said that out loud. Unfortunately, in his quest to impress, he put all of my jeans in the dryer. Not good.

Let me paint the picture of me getting into my jeans this morning, “…and lunge and stretch and pray and lunge.” It was not pretty. But there’s good news. I finally got them on. I can’t sit down, but I don’t think anyone in my office has noticed. Right.

In conclusion, today I needed a laugh. And I got one when I stumbled upon the awesome art from Oh Dier.

Especially when I saw this bicycle poster. Awesome.

You know what I love most about these signs? They’ll never shrink in the dryer.

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