Oy vey, what a day.

Actually my day has gone pretty well so far. And in fact, I’m sort of bored. I know that I should enjoy the quiet while I can, but I’m totally not used to it. Like at all.

Boredom makes me lazy. Why is that? The less I have to do, the less I actually want to do. In fact, I’m sitting here drinking gross office coffee because I’m too lazy to walk to Starbucks.

In my defense Starbucks is like a seven minute walk from the office and I wouldn’t want to shock my system with all of that exercise.

So in order to keep my mind occupied, I went on the hunt for games and found Little Sapling Toys.

Well look at that, it’s the matching game from childhood.

And bowling. Yayyyy bowling.

Isn’t this the annoying game from Cracker Barrel that I always feel like an idiot trying to complete? Yep, that’s the one.

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