Overheard from my son while going potty last night, “Hey look, a huge meatball!”

It’s official. I love being the mom to a boy. Well, it was official that I loved him the moment I met him, but every day just keeps getting better and better. I mean really, who thinks of stuff like that? Moms of girls get to buy cutie patutie clothes. Moms of boys get to laugh at potty humor. I’m lucky because I get both.

In celebration of my son’s upcoming birthday, I went on the hunt for the perfect birthday invitations and I stumbled upon Lulu and Stinker.

The final product is a surprise but she was super easy to work with (don’t worry, no potty jokes on the invite).

By the way, there’s less than 48 hours left to VOTE FOR ME .

The weird online gamer is winning. Do you really want to carry that guilt for the rest of your life?

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