Overheard at work: “You’re looking so skinny.” “Yeah, I just keep losing weight.”

I hate her (you know, as in I wish I was her sort of way). Seriously, who just keeps losing weight? Maybe she has some sort of sickness that I can catch. Note to self: share a drink with skinny girl to catch her cooties.

In order to get my mind off of my inability to lose weight, I did a little etsy stalking (for a change). As karma would have it, I came across this AMAZING elephant art from Valentina.

It’s an original painting on canvas people. As in it’s not unoriginal.

Holy guacamole, how cute is this for a kitchen? Did I just hear myself say guacamole? It truly is a wonder why I can’t lose weight.

By the way, I have a new blog design coming soon. It’s gonna be awesome and pretty, just like all of you.

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