Opting Outside (And Away from My Family) Left Me Looking Within

Hi, hello, ahemm, etc.

Yes, it’s me. The stalker. I realize it’s been a while.  I’ve neglected writing about my online stalking…but trust me, it’s been in full force. And it’s expanded wayyyyyy beyond etsy. I’ve now officially become an equal opportunity stalker. Hey, I do believe in equality. So before I start showering you with things you can’t live without and the promise to writer a ton more, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my amazing experience on a recent Girl’s Trip I took through REI…


I met the most amazing and interesting people.

Everyone at Outessa had at least one thing in common…a love of the great outdoors. But what we didn’t have in common is what made our interactions and the weekend as a whole so special. I met women from all over the country with careers ranging from nurses to non-profit leaders to an ex-guitar player for Beyonce gone yoga instructor (and yes, I want to be her when I grow down).

Osprey Backpacks that were full of swag got handed out to everyone at check-in. #brag

Yes, we mostly arrived as strangers but over time, we literally and figuratively leaned on each other—whether I needed a boost up a mountain or to hear the encouragement of a crowd to jump into the cold lake water. We all had a blast doing things out of our comfort zone, but don’t worry, they also offered tons of classes inside my comfort zone like eating and drinking and listening to live music, and lying in a hammock. It was like summer camp for adults. And we all became besties within a day. Seriously…I’m invited to go on a new friend’s birthday trip this winter.

I pushed my boundaries.

I LOVE being outside. I’m actually sitting on my couch right now and am wondering why I don’t bring my computer outdoors…oh yeah, because it’s almost 90 degrees at the start of October in Atlanta. But when it’s not crazy hot, I love running, hiking, crossfitting, yoga-ing, you know, all of the ‘ings.’ And Outessa enabled me to do all of those ‘ings’ and way more.

North face gave everyone sweet hats!

We hiked through waterfalls. We yoga-ed at sunrise. We danced after the sun went down. And then we had the opportunity to participate in about 1,000 other activities in between like learning what’s needed to prepare an amazing meal over a campfire, how to mountain bike and  rock climbing for various levels. The list truly goes on and on. And on.

I set new goals. Big ones (and small too).

I’m a writer. I love expression through words—it’s been my career since college and I fe

We got free Hydro Flasks (plus coffee & wine to fill them)!

el grateful daily that people actually pay me to pursue my passion. But the weekend in the wilderness got my wheels churning. Maybe, just maybe, I can also start writing about things I love to DO. And DO new things that I’ll actually enjoy writing about.

Yes, writing emails for internationally recognized clients can be somewhat lucrative (not that I’m driving around town in a new Tesla or anything), but am I super stoked to sell, sell, sell to people on a daily basis? Ummmm, not so much. So in order to keep my creative juices juicing I made a list of activities I want to accomplish by 2018:

  • Register for a trail run (and possibly have a medic waiting for when I fracture an ankl
  • e).
  • Take a walk with kids twice a week after dinner so we can connect after a long day (of me yelling at them).
  • Shop less (I’m looking at you big box store that rhymes with ‘argot’).
  • Pursue social media LESS. I spent my entire weekend at Outessa without using
    We made our own ProBars which I ate late at night in bed 🙂

    my phone (except for taking a few pictures). Instead, I talked to real, live people who weren’t showing only their best selves…just their true selves. And those are the people I want to be with every day.

  • Drink more coffee. I actually am not sure this is possible, I’m going to give it my all.

It’s now been 6 weeks since arriving home and I still have a smile on my face (and for the most part I haven’t let my frantic mornings, afternoons and yes, evenings get the best of me.) I found my center. And I’m happy that I did. Because really, when’s the last time you did something for the first time?


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