OK weekend, I’m ready for you. Come to mama.

As my anniversary gift to the hubby, I’m whisking him away to a cabin with some friends of ours. Well, it’s not so much whisking, as it is schlepping and planning and packing, but you get the idea. The days of whisking are long gone.

I’m seriously so excited for our mini-getaway. I’m going sleep, eat, drink, read, sleep and maybe sleep. And of course I need a purse that is too small to fit any diapers, wipes, sippy cups, or snacks. I get to wear a small purse all weekend long, which is why I’m so happy I stumbled upon J. Carter Handmade.

Maybe I’ll get a wild hair and just carry a wallet. Etsy Stalkers gone wild, right?

Wait a second – did I just see the clock move backwards or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

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