Oh good, my daughter learned the word “mine”.

Don’t you love it when you wake up at the crack of dawn with your kids and they immediately start fighting over markers? NO. How can you love that? If you do, you’re sick. Really, really sick.

In order to keep my littles occupied for the extra long weekend, I’m going to have to start bribing them with these confections from Vintage Confections.

And then I may have down a dozen myself. What? It would be way worse if I was referring to alcohol so get off my back.

P.S. My daughter is currently using herself as a canvas to paint on. Oh how the excitement of a long weekend has changed over the years.

P.P.S. I still need more fans to LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK so I can host a super awesome giveaway. I also need more friends to ‘like’ me in real life but that’s a whole other issue.

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