Oh good, it’s 95 degrees out and our air conditioner is broken.

Swear. The air conditioner guy will be here between noon and five, which of course means he’ll be here at seven. Not only do we have to stay home and wait for him all day, we literally cannot escape the heat.

In order to beat the heat, I checked out these adorable wedding fans from Baumbirdy. Not only are they totally functional, they’ll also give you something to read after you’ve appropriately made fun of the hideous bridesmade dresses.

Speaking of marriage, can I get an AMEN for New York passing gay marriage? I promise not to preach many personal/ political opinions on this blog, but it makes me want to get out the old jazz hands and do a kick ball change.

As a side note, do you watch 16 and pregnant on MTV? I totally don’t (which means I do) and I am absolutely not watching a marathon this afternoon while my kids nap (which means I am). Hey, it’s the only thing that takes my mind off of the heat.

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