Oh Friday night, I welcome you. And a gin-and-tonic.

Or maybe two. Rough week. Not going into details but man I earned that drink (and then some). I also earned a shopping trip on etsy. Right? Work with me ok?

Seriously though, I need someplace to put my glass, which is why I’m super psyched to find these coasters from Missive. I mean hello – letterpress coasters? Have you ever? No I’ve never.

And if you’re not into drinking (AWKWARD), she also makes gorgeous thank-you notes. Does your mom still yell at you to write timely thank-you notes? Mine does.

OK, I’m off to drink. I mean sleep. I mean both. At the same time.

2 thoughts on “Oh Friday night, I welcome you. And a gin-and-tonic.”

  • Oh what I wouldn’t give for a gin and tonic. Apparently it “isn’t good for the baby.” Dang rules.

    My mom does the same thing with the thank you’s. And now I do it with my kids. My five year old said we should send a thank you for some cinnamon rolls the other day. Yep, I’ve ruined him already.

    I rarely say much, but I read all your posts and think you’re hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

  • awwww thanks for the comment! i feel like i should of moved to europe during my pregnancies. they support wine and sushi during those 9 months. man they know how to live.

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