Ode to the Perfect Workbag ( I Can’t Believe I Said the Word “Work” on a Weekend)

So one of my best friends has been asking me to find her a workbag on etsy. Well here’s my dilemma – a workbag to one may not be to another. She happens to work in an office. But what about teachers? Or doctors? Or maids? Or hookers? All very respectable professions that require “workbags.”

So here I am trying to find one that meets all of those requirements – and lo and behold, I stumbled upon R2SD. Behold the perfect workbag.

And when you’ve had a really long week at work, R2SD also has the perfect weekend bag for a quick getaway (I may need a second one just for my shoes.)

And let’s say on your weekend away, you have a little ooopsie, R2SD also sells diaper bags! Phew…she thinks of everything.

She even sells something for the man in your life – a man purse (unless of course he already has one.)

1 thought on “Ode to the Perfect Workbag ( I Can’t Believe I Said the Word “Work” on a Weekend)”

  • Why do men keep insisting that they don’t need purses?

    i’ve been carrying around a backpack, for years. I refer to it as my purse. There’s most likely more stuff in that than in your day bag, too.

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