Ode to Stitch Fix. I love thee so.

So I took some pics of my latest box of awesomeness so you can see why I love Stitch Fix so much.

You sign up and enter info like your size, style and how much money you typically spend on clothes. That’s it. 
Then you just awkwardly wait by the mail.

Here’s my most recent box and all of the greatness I found inside.  Each time you receive a package, you’ll get five items. Best of all, you can specify what you want (and what you don’t want).
A dress and necklace? Yes please.
A cool top and earrings? At your service.
Shin guards and men’s underwear? Not so much.
I took  pics of my favorites from this week’s delivery (because I’m that much of a dork). 
<-------I kept this top and am sending the rest back in a prepaid envelope. Seriously, nothing could be easier. Especially because being inside of a mall gives me anxiety.
I promise I’m not getting paid for this endorsement (although I’m starting to feel like maybe I should). 
I just like to share when I find something super cool. And this is super duper cool. 

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