NYC or bust (out crying)…

We’re back from our surprise mother/son trip to NYC. You know, the one I was so freaking excited to tell him about? 

Here’s how the surprise was supposed to go:
Me: We’re going on a trip to NYC and leaving right now!
Darren: You’re the best mom ever.
Me: I know.
Here’s how the surprise actually went:
Me: We’re going on a trip to NYC and leaving right now!
Darren: Waaaaaaa. I don’t’ want to go. Waaaaaaaa.
Me: We’re going.
He told me that he was sad because he was going to miss Daddy and Taylor. Could anything be cuter?
Once we hit the city, he quickly forgot about being sad because nothing can really compete with being able to buy a pizza slice on every corner. And trust me, he bought a pizza slice on every corner.
Because we can’t schlep NYC pizza on an airplane, I’m totally going to buy Darren one of these illustrated pictures from Lucile’s Kitchen to commemorate the trip.
Sure he liked the Statue of Liberty, Central Park Zoo and Spiderman on Broadway, but nothing compares to a NY slice. That’s one smart kid I have.

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