Nothing like waking up sick on a Friday. Lame.

Taylor just got over being a wet noodle sicko. Yay. And now Im a wet noodle sicko. Boo. Fortunately Im just sick enough not to make it to the gym this morning (ahem).
Yay for not being too sick to shop for art on etsy. Now that my house renovations are almost over (we hope), I cant stop thinking about adding some new art to our freshly painted (no-longer over layers of wallpaper) walls.
This is how I found Shelly Porter Artworks. Me likey. Me wanty. Fortunately, theyre not crazy expensive so I may actually be able to affordy.
Do you think she could send me some Sudafed with one of these paintings? And no, Im not running a meth lab with over-the-counter Sudafed.
By the way people, enter the freaking GIVEAWAY. It ends Monday.

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