Note to self: only put dishwashing detergent in dishwasher

What is wrong with me? I got ‘dishwashing’ soap as a free sample in the mail. Turns out it was not ‘dishwasher’ soap. Details, details. So the dishwasher machine poured suds out all of the floor. These are things I can’t be bothered with.

While the hubby fixes the dishwasher, I’m thinking I should handwash for the next couple of days (AKA eat out). If I were actually to do the dishes by hand (which I won’t), I would definitely need to buy these towels from What The Hart Likes.

Of course these towels are too pretty to use so I guess I really will have to eat out for every meal. Jeez, don’t be rude to the towels.

All of this kitchen talk is make me hungry. Withering away. Send food.

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