Note to self: I’m still a vegetarian

A good friend of mine is 26 weeks prego and on strict bedrest. Oh and she also happens to have two other kids under the age of four. Fortunately she was wonderful family and friends helping them through the situation – of course I’m part of that wonderful group (toot, tooting my own horn).

In an effort to take some of the load off (heeeheee, I said load), I am bringing over dinner tonight. I made (drum roll please…) lasagna with meat sauce. It’s officially been a year since I actually ate meat, and yep, cooking it totally grossed me out. Do you see what a good friend I am? Hello? Anyone?

Fortunately, one food we can all agree tastes delicious is a beautiful cupcake topper from miss cupcake canada.

These are EDIBLE people. EDIBLE. You’d think I wouldn’t be able to eat these because they’re too pretty, but that sort of stuff never really gets in my way.

By the way, I’m extending the deadline to enter THE GIVEAWAY from elllieoh designs until June 18. Why you ask? Because I’m a good friend, that’s why.

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