No one sent me the memo that my daughter’s school gets out early on Fridays.

Well, someone probably did, I just didn’t read it. Or absorb it. Yep, I was totally that mom who left her kid at school after dismissal. In my defense, I really didn’t know. Mother-of-the-year right here. Mother-of-the-freaking-year.

To reward myself for such excellent parenting, I’ve decided I simply cannot live one more day without these beautiful hand embroidered wall hangings from Sidereal.

I mean really, why punish myself even more by not having one (or three) of these. Haven’t I suffered enough? Jeez.

By the way, the winner of THE GIVEAWAY will be announced shortly. Verrrry shortly.

3 thoughts on “No one sent me the memo that my daughter’s school gets out early on Fridays.”

  • Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my work.

    Your blog is fabulous, I’m going to take some more time to look around.

  • Don’t feel so bad about not knowing about the early dismissal. With the volumes of paperwork they have us fill out for school anymore, something is bound to slip through the cracks, right?

    I have an experience that might make you feel better. My kids wear uniforms to school, and last year I sent my boys to their new school in blue uniform shirts. Just like they had worn at their previous school (nearby), only to discover that at their new school, they ONLY wear WHITE shirts. So, not only were they the new kids, they were the new-kids-in-the-blue-shirts. Nice.

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