New Week. New Freelance Project. Need New Pants That Button.

While I enjoyed having some time off to wear my comfy pants full-time, I’m thinking my waistline isn’t appreciating having to wear pants that actually button today. It’s not good people. There’s overhang and discomfort. But I figured that my new office would not appreciate me showing up in sweat pants. Maybe I should of worn my moo-moo.

Tight pants aside, I’m super excited to start a new project – I mean I think the people at Target were starting to know me by name.

And being in front of my computer more means being on etsy more (of course) which is good news to you since I stumbled upon Biscuit Scout.

Check it, she knits all sorts of awesome throws and covers.

Finding Biscuit Scout makes me want to throw one of those awesome blankets over myself, kick up my feet and take a nap on that comfy cozy chair.

Hey, what can I say, I excel at multi-tasking.

3 thoughts on “New Week. New Freelance Project. Need New Pants That Button.”

  • kindred spirits. I am aaylws a savory bfast girl as well. Until i have a hankering for either granola or almond meal pancakes on the weekends. Now that you’ve mastered it, I think you’ll find it’s not just a bfast item, its the late afternoon snack, or something to seal the deal after a light dinner pretty fabulous stuff and SO much better than store bought. ANxious to try your version!

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