New job requirement—if it requires pants, I’m out.

What? I don’t like pants. Sue me.
Seriously though, I’ve decided to only take on freelance projects this summer that allow me to work from home so my kids can have a real summer.  I’m envisioning long days at the pool, late-night s’mores and sleepovers.

In reality, my summer will probably consist of crying kids as I drag them out of the pool, sticky popsicle hair and little sleep for me.The upside is that I won’t be wearing pants.

If you want to practice for all the upcoming fun, you must get your hands on these felt camping toys from Hopewell Creek Designs.
Adorbz, right?
Although my kids will most likely end up just throwing these in the pool to see if they’ll float.

1 thought on “New job requirement—if it requires pants, I’m out.”

  • How sweet and so true. This reminds me of the summer days with my now grown sons. Even though most days often consisted of crying and squabbling,and making them have fun with me(haha)I still miss it with all my heart. Thankfully grandsons help fill this and they become so precious to us because we now realize just hwo fast these years go by. Thank you so much for featuring my felt toys!! This was a wonderful treat for me on a dreary monday afternoon….and I must admit kids make all the hard work worth it =)

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