Never ever ever take two young kids to the Comcast office to exchange your DVR.

Trust me on this—never.
So all of a sudden our DVR box stopped working last week. After hours of (Gary) messing with it and phone calls to Comcast, I decide to bring it in to exchange it. With the kids. After a long day at school.
The line? Long.
The kids? Practically licking the floor.
The result? Another faulty DVR box. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.
Since we are still without TV, I decided to go low-tech and look for a play tent on Etsy. Now Im in lurrrrve with Love Lime Kids.
They’re totally adorable and will come in very handy when Comcast fails you. And it will. Trust me.
By the way, times running out to enter the awesome GIVEAWAY for a handmade Turkish towel. You can’t win if you don’t ENTER (says the queen of obvious).

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