Never ever ever drive home from vacation the Saturday after July 4. Here’s Why.

There’s nothing like trying to get off an island with thousands of your non-closest friends with two young children in the back seat that haven’t slept in five days. I wish you all could have been there with me, but fortunately I took notes of the most notable road trip discussions:

(1) I want THE purple book!!! (seriously? The one in the trunk under the three suitcases, 10 pounds of sand and that missing sippy cup of milk?)

purplicious,, etsy blog,, july 4 roadtrip

(2) I want a ladybug! (huh?), etsy blog,, Pillow Pets Pee-Wees, ladybug pillow pet

(3) Are we there yet? (asked by me)

(4) I took my dress off. (not said by me), etsy blog,, July 4th dress

(5) Are we there yet? (asked by Gary)

(6) When we get home I’m going to poop in Darren’s room! (ummm)

(7) When can we retire? (me again)

(8) Do you think we could get a babysitter/bartender to meet us upon arrival at home?

Fortunately we are home safe and sound. I plan to lock myself in my room with headphones and let the kids fend for themselves for a little while. Kidding. Sort of. Stop with your judging eyes. Seriously,, etsy blog,, headphones kids, Headphone for all Tablet and Audio Devices




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