Need a laugh? No? Too bad.

It’s not every day that cards make me laugh out loud (LOLing for you hipsters). But I came across Wry & Ginger today and here I am, LOLing in my open-air cubicle for all the office to see.

Check out these laminated bad parking cards. I totally need these, and am actually shocked I’ve never received one.*

Is it weird that I sort of want to be friends with like Wry & Ginger? Call me. I’m listed in the Internet phone book.

*I may regret admitting this, but I really want a laminating machine. I have literally no idea what I would use it for – but I have this overwhelming need to buy one.

1 thought on “Need a laugh? No? Too bad.”

  • Oh my gosh, I thought the same thing today. Amazon has this awesome Scotch Laminator on sale for 75 percent off today ($19.99) and it has awesome reviews. Check it out if you want : )

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