Nature vs. nurture — my son is interested in neither.

Last night we found a lizard on our screened-in patio. As the hubbie was trying to scoot it safely outside, my son ran inside and then back out with a plastic bag and a fork in his hands to ‘get the lizard.’ Ummm, should I be concerned? Oy vey.

To make up for my son being a total nature hater, I would like to introduce you to Bombus, home of recycled paper awesomeness.

While I love her work, I have to say that my favorite part of her shop is her tagline, “Saving the planet through decoupage.” I feel like we could be friends. Maybe I should stalk her. Yes, maybe I should.

It seriously blows my mind that she made this out of paper. It would be absolutely perfect for the superhero in your life.

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