My teeth are clean but my face hurts.

What is it with going to the dentist that makes my face hurt so much? I just had a cleaning done but owwweeeeeyyyy.

Anyhooo, Passover starts tomorrow night for us Jews. Because we won’t be eating levened bread for the next week, I can guarantee that almost every Jewish person out there is stuffing their faces with carbs tonight.

At least that’s what I’ll be doing.

And I’ll be using these awesome pasta bowls from Clear Mountain Craft because they’re pretty. And they can hold a lot of pasta.

Do you think it would strange to have spaghetti with a side of macaroni? Too much?

1 thought on “My teeth are clean but my face hurts.”

  • Love those bowls! And your blog.
    Do you perhaps have TMJ to explain your face hurting?

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